I am so passionate about spreading the healing powers of Reiki that I get teary-eyed and all choked up when I try to explain it in just a few words, however I can talk and teach about it all day long! Until you experience this beautiful divine source energy and bring it into your energetic field, you may never know the transformational shifts it will bring. Sometimes you don’t have to see it to believe it! Trust me… take this journey with me…allow the Reiki in… and experience it for yourself. I am confident that you will see how it can deeply heal and transform all levels of your holistic being!   Namaste

If you are new to the concept of energy healing, scroll below through many various research publications to show there is proof in the power of REIKI… even in the traditional eastern medicine world!

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I share my experiences and knowledge on the Medical Advisory Panel of Beactcancer.org to assist those dealing with cancer, promote the most current research for prevention and cures and help you stay informed!  Presentations can be given at your request, please contact me for more details.  Click here for more info and resources on the most current cancer research.

I am also involved with a new corporate wellness program which offers employers meaningful family health education programs to their employees.   If you think your company can benefit from the services offered please contact me for more information! We are passionate about spreading our knowledge of true health and wellness to the corporate community. 


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