Holistic Registered Nurse & Health Consultant
Certified Holistic Cancer Educator
Reiki Master
Pranic Healer
Certified Crystal Healer
doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Through my own personal journey as a registered nurse in the traditional medical field, (& as a mother of four boys!) I was blessed with many patient experiences that often intuitively guided me down a path away from the pharmaceutical world of treating symptoms to one which looks for the root cause of dis-ease, so true healing in the holistic self can take place.  On the path to Board Certification as a Holistic Nurse with the AHNA, my eyes were opened to a new way of thinking, feeling, doing, and being, and my own deep healing began.(The trampoline accident resulting in a broken wrist was also my “wake up call” to my true calling!). Now more than ever, it’s time to get back to basics, back to nature, and remember where we came from.  

I am passionate about helping you find what is working and what isn’t in your self – care regimen, helping you reach your health goals, and sharing my stories of client successes.

We are all connected. We are all one. We are all in this together.

There are many alternative and non-pharmacological modalities that treat the mind-body-spirit connection and can complement your traditional medical regimen.  

Although I specialize in dealing with Cancer & Hospice / Transitional care, many of these same principles for healing yourself from within can be applied to almost any medical diagnosis… including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, even diabetes, as well as the need for emotional healing after sudden trauma or the loss of a loved one. 

Lets walk together on your path to optimal health and healing.

I share my experiences and knowledge on the Medical Advisory Panel of to assist those dealing with cancer, promote the most current research for prevention and cures and help you stay informed!  Presentations can be given at your request, please contact me for more details.  Click here for more info and resources on the most current cancer research.

I am also involved with a new corporate wellness program which offers employers meaningful family health education programs to their employees.   If you think your company can benefit from the services offered please contact me for more information! We are passionate about spreading our knowledge of true health and wellness to the corporate community. 


The Mission of the American Holistic Nurses Association is to advance holistic nursing through community building, advocacy, research, and education


Our vision is a world in which nursing nurtures wholeness and inspires peace and healing.