Integrative Holistic Nursing to promote

 Peace, Love & Healing within your

Mind, Body & Spirit

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Our body has an innate ability to heal itself when the mind, body and spirit connection works together in harmony as one. 

 There are many different techniques to restore imbalances and dis-ease for true optimal health and healing and 

it is important to find the methods that resonate with you. 

A phone consultation is always complimentary to discuss your journey and how I can help facilitate your healing from within.

(Due to Covid protocols, at this time only distant sessions may be booked online.  Please call to schedule in- person sessions, as they are tailored to your individual needs. Time and place varies!)

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Reiki  Energy Healing

Rising Star Energy Healing

Ear Candling

Private Nursing

Health Consultations & Coaching

Aromatherapy Healing & Education

Crystal Therapy

Schedule your complimentary consultation and let the healing begin!

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As a home care & hospice nurse, private nursing services are discussed on an individual basis, as each plan of care is designed around the clients unique needs. Please call to request more information


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